British Columbia will always have a small piece of my heart. As will the Wallensteen family. This was my third visit, and my second wedding for this sweet family. Trevor and Allecia decided to have their intimate wedding over four hours from home at a hot springs campground in Nakusp, BC. We soaked in the springs each morning and night, and when the time felt right on the wedding day, everyone began getting into their best dressed to venture out into the woods for their private ceremony. Surrounded by only family, Allecia brother married them, and we all cried happy happy tears. I loved the emotion that surrounded this ceremony and the way the light peaked through and warmed up what was a previously a rainy morning. We walked back through the woods for portraits embracing the moss covered ground as it met us. The rain held of just until we had wrapped up and found shelter under the bridge, then it poured down creating the moody intimate moments I crave. We ended the evening with a home cooked meal and another soak in the springs. The Wallensteens are ones who welcome you in, open armed, as if you are already family. Thanks you Trevor and Allecia for having me as part of your day <3